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World History Project – AP®

A Free AP World History Curriculum for Everyone

Coming soon! A free AP world history curriculum precisely aligned to the AP® World History: Modern exam. Free, open, and available to everyone.

Why Teach This AP World History Course?

Set to launch in summer 2022, WHP AP has been created to provide a free, comprehensive, and cohesive college-level course for all students. The course covers all skills and content needed for students to be successful on the AP® World History: Modern exam.

To ensure the course will work in real classrooms, it was codesigned and piloted for two years by AP world history teachers.

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  • Precisely aligned: Carefully aligned to the AP course and exam description, including themes, periodization, topics and historical developments, and historical thinking skills and reasoning processes.

  • Free for everyone: We designed this course to eliminate barriers for teachers and students alike. All content is online and can easily be downloaded for offline use.

  • Grounded in research and best practices: OER Project works with teachers, scholars, and learning scientists to incorporate and share the latest learning insights and approaches.

  • Not your average AP course: Every lesson incorporates more fun than your average AP course. There are ample opportunities to increase student engagement with the rigorous curriculum through different course materials.

  • Assessments that build confidence: DBQs, LEQs, and SAQs specifically created for the course. Opportunities for formative assessment throughout, particularly within practice progressions.

  • Built-in professional development and community: Learning options include self-paced and real-time opportunities to learn and connect with fellow educators.


I’ve been able to make better progress toward making the rigorous AP World History curriculum accessible to all learners with WHP AP. My students performed well above the national average on last year’s AP exam, despite losing about 50% of face-to-face class time on our hybrid schedule. I am fully confident that using WHP’s AP curriculum contributed to their success.
Anne, WHP AP pilot teacher, Michigan


This course aligns tightly with the AP Course and Exam Description and consistently focuses on historical reading, writing, and thinking skills. Each resource is accompanied by some sort of scaffolding to help students develop the skills, as well as solid explanations for the teacher. Teachers can use the site as a standalone resource or to supplement an existing set of sources.
Ane, WHP AP pilot teacher, Maryland


WHP AP has been a tremendous asset for me and my students. Readings are targeted to learning objectives and there are many resources that allow teachers to pick examples that work best for their students. Graphic biographies provide a voice for historical figures often overlooked in textbooks, and articles are written by a range of scholars who provide multiple voices.
Mike, WHP AP pilot teacher, Washington

Professional Development

OER Project’s online professional development will help you build your content and skills knowledge in preparation to teach the course. These virtual sessions are guided by an OER Project team member and are a great place to ask any questions you might have about the upcoming WHP AP course. Register now to join us!

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