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Teach a mind-blowing history course that harnesses your students' natural curiosity about our world.

Standards-aligned. Adaptable to different learning environments. Proven impact.

contemporary content

Standards-based content offering diverse viewpoints. Designed to flex in support of different goals, environments, and learners.

aligned and adaptable

Meet social studies requirements with the flexibility to address local infrastructure and individual learning needs.

context and connections

Connecting the past, present, and future—students prepare to be great thinkers and problem-solvers.

distinct and diverse

We go to great lengths to gather, incorporate, and learn from multiple voices and perspectives.

proven impact

Big History students demonstrate clear gains in reading, writing, and content knowledge.

"Students learn to think in a rounded, interdisciplinary way that values fact-checking, scholarship, and review."
– BHP Teacher

"BHP's laser focus on teaching core concepts and literacy skills allows me to gather data to prove that my students are growing."
– BHP Teacher

Demonstrated growth in these skills: reasoning, mechanics, use of evidence, and use of disciplinary content.

foundational focus

Skills and approaches that establish a foundation in historical thinking practices.

critical thinking

Students routinely practice foundational historical thinking skills that build throughout the course.


Students develop close-reading and reasoning practices to help them analyze, evaluate, and use a variety of sources.


Clear expectations, regular feedback, and plenty of writing. It's our not-so-secret secret to improving student writing. And it works.

invested in teachers

We are a community that supports, inspires, and evolves together.

get inspired

We share the best insights, trends, and industry research in support of a range of learning environments.

get started

Get started with confidence and stay on track—on your terms—with our online professional development for teachers and administrators.

get connected

Connect with educators everywhere who share your goals, challenges, questions, and interests.