History Courses that Fit California

  • UC-approved and aligned to California state standards.
  • Remarkable, free history curricula for middle- and high-school classrooms.
  • Uniquely engaging and diverse content brings history to life with compelling videos, visuals, articles, and activities.
  • Proven to help students make demonstrable gains in reading, writing, critical thinking, and content knowledge.
  • Comprehensive, cohesive, and adaptable to different platforms, environments, and learners.

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World History Project: 1750 to the Present


In the context of the history of the Universe, 1750 was practically yesterday. Yet an amazing number of transformative changes have taken place in our world since then. And those changes tell a story that helps us make better sense of our past, present, and future. Exploring historical evidence and diverse narratives, students connect the people, places, and events of history to understand the problems of today.

  • UC-approved course aligned to California history and social science standards for high school.
  • Builds on foundational historical thinking skills in preparation for AP, college, and career.

Big History Project: 13.8B Years


Big History Project is an incredible 13.8-billion-year journey through the history of our Universe that engages students in connecting our past, present, and future as they prepare to become the world’s next big thinkers and problem solvers. Students consider important questions, gather and analyze evidence, and build informed arguments across a variety of scholarly disciplines.

  • Aligned to California history and social science standards for middle school.
  • Establishes an interdisciplinary foundation in reading, writing, and critical thinking in preparation for future courses.

What California Teachers Are Saying

“The course is made up of brilliant resources for helping students understand the past and how it is linked to the present. And they are directly aligned to the California history and social sciences standards.”

—Neal, tenth-grade history teacher, Long Beach, California

“With the help of WHP’s narrative frames, my kids have been able to put themselves into our historical inquiries and relate their experiences, communities, and surroundings to our studies.”

—Curt, high-school history teacher, Santa Maria, California

“When it comes to the literacy skills, especially the Three Close Reads and DBQs [document-based questions], our kids excel. The way we’re able to break it down, step by step...they really like it.”

—Straun, high-school special programs teacher, Granada Hills, California

More to Explore

OER Project comes in many shapes and sizes. From year-long history courses to short, stand-alone extension courses to professional development for teachers—here are more ways to teach, learn, and engage with history.

Project X

Using data as a tool, students examine the past to make predictions about the future. In the process, they hone their critical-thinking skills, which will serve them well in every discipline they study.

Project Score

Track students’ writing progress and focus your instruction where they need it most.


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