History Courses that Fit Nevada

  • Remarkable, free history curricula for middle- and high-school classrooms.
  • Aligned to state standards and available on Canvas.
  • Uniquely engaging and diverse content brings history to life with compelling videos, visuals, articles, and activities.
  • Proven to help students make demonstrable gains in reading, writing, critical thinking, and content knowledge.
  • Comprehensive, cohesive, and adaptable to different platforms, environments, and learners.

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World History Project: 1200 to the Present


By beginning with the year 1200, this WHP course allows students to establish a global perspective and context with which to understand the changes that occurred around 1450. Exploring historical evidence and diverse narratives, students connect the people, places, and events of history to understand the problems of today. Get ready for the world with an adventure that starts in 1200 and makes historians of us all.

  • Aligned to Nevada Academic Standards for Social Studies for grades 9–12.
  • Builds on foundational historical thinking skills in preparation for AP, college, and career.

Big History Project: 13.8B Years


Big History Project is an incredible 13.8-billion-year journey through the history of our Universe that engages students in connecting our past, present, and future as they prepare to become the world’s next big thinkers and problem solvers. Students consider important questions, gather and analyze evidence, and build informed arguments across a variety of scholarly disciplines.

  • Ideal for grades 6–8.
  • Establishes an interdisciplinary foundation in reading, writing, and critical thinking in preparation for future studies.


“Big History tells a cohesive story of our Universe while teaching the crucial skills of critical thinking, academic writing, and deep reading.”

—Kathleen, sixth-grade gifted and talented history and ELA teacher, Reno, Nevada

“The World History Project is a must for any world history class. Students have access to very timely sources and reading materials, and activities that are relevant and fresh and bring concepts to life.”

—Martha, tenth-grade world history teacher, Boulder City, Nevada

“The World History Project emphasizes historical knowledge, global perspectives, and critical thinking skills to help students continually improve and develop deeper understanding of the past, present, and their place in the world today.”

—Marisa, high-school teacher, Nevada

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Project X

Using data as a tool, students examine the past to make predictions about the future. In the process, they hone their critical thinking skills, which will serve them well in every discipline they study.

Project Score

Track students’ writing progress and focus your instruction where they need it most.


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