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Impact of the Slave Trade: Through a Ghanaian Lens (14:46)

Key Ideas

As this video progresses, key ideas will be introduced to invoke discussion.

Key Ideas

Think about the following questions as you watch the video

  1. 02:07 How do Ato Ashun and Trevor Getz describe society around Cape Coast prior to the Atlantic slave trade?
  2. 04:03 What does the physical structure of Cape Coast Castle under the British, including its dungeons, tell us about the Atlantic slave trade?
  3. 05:08 What, according to Ato Ashun, were some of the economic impacts of the Atlantic slaving system on the coastal region?
  4. 06:15 According to Akosua Perbi, how did the Atlantic slaving system affect how people lived?
  5. 11:47 What impacts of the Atlantic slaving system does Wilhelmina Donkoh focus on in her interview?
  6. 12:50 How does Ato Ashun say that the evidence of the Atlantic slave trade, in the dungeons of Cape Coast Castle, affected him personally?