explore the past. make sense of the present. look to the future.

Teach a standards-aligned world history course that connects the past to the present, with an eye to the future.

Infinitely adaptable. Ideal for high school. Free, open, and online. For everyone.

Narrative power

Connecting the dots of history—people, places, and events—into coherent narratives that help students make sense of, and prepare for, the world they live in today.

what makes history usable Bob Bain

Professor of History

the danger of a single story CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE


what is collapse? jared diamond

Professor of Geography

more than a course, a community

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big ideas. big skills.

Skills and approaches that prepare students to become the next generation of great thinkers and problem solvers.

critical thinking

Students consider important questions, gather and analyze evidence, and build informed arguments in a way that is applicable across all disciplines.


Students develop AP-aligned close-reading and reasoning practices against a variety of sources to prepare for more advanced work later.


Clear expectations, regular feedback, and plenty of writing. It’s our not-so-secret secret to improving student writing. And it works.

Contemporary content

Global content where students see others as well as themselves.

content and skills in balance

Meet world history standards with the flexibility to address local and individual goals.

context and connections

Looking at the patterns and trends of history, students make sense of the present and prepare for the future.

distinct and diverse

We go to great lengths to gather, incorporate, and learn from multiple voices and perspectives.