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Unit 5 Frames (6:37)

Key Ideas

As this video progresses, key ideas will be introduced to invoke discussion.

Key Ideas

Think about the following questions as you watch the video

  1. 01:30 What, according to this video, did pre-industrial production and distribution look like?
  2. 02:52 According to the video, industrialized societies needed fewer famers, herders, and artisans and more “workers.” What did workers do and how did this lead to more change?
  3. 03:25 Why did industrialized societies have an advantage over non-industrialized societies?
  4. 05:00 According to the video, how did the movement of people away from villages and into industrial cities lead to new types of communities?
  5. 05:19 What were conditions like in many factories?
  6. 06:00 How did the conditions in factories lead to the development of new networks?