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Unit 2 Overview: The Big Bang (9:30)

Key Ideas

As this video progresses, key ideas will be introduced to invoke discussion.

Key Ideas

Think about the following questions as you watch the video

  1. 01:14 How does the image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2003 allow us to see galaxies as they were billions of years ago?
  2. 02:32 What is Hubble’s Law and what did this law help prove?
  3. 04:17 How did our understanding of the Universe change over time?
  4. 05:07 Why is understanding the scientific discoveries about our Universe important when studying history?
  5. 05:51 What key Big History concepts did you learn about in Unit 1?
  6. 06:36 What is the Big Bang?
  7. 07:22 What is collective learning?
  8. 07:50 What does the word disciplines mean?