History. Now more than ever.

OER Project courses make sense of our world by connecting the past to the present with an eye toward the future. Everything is free, online, and totally adaptable to meet your students' individual needs.

Big History Project

A story 13.8 billion years in the making.

  • An introductory history course that establishes an interdisciplinary foundation of historical thinking practices
  • Harness students' natural curiosity about our world to help them make sense of their place in it
  • Ideal as a general history course for middle and high school

World History Project

A World History course for today. For all.

  • A standards-based world history course that builds upon foundational historical thinking skills in preparation for AP, college, and beyond
  • Looking at the narratives large and small to create a coherent view of the world's past, present, and future
  • Ideal for high school

OER Project courses: find your perfect fit

We offer the OER Project in many shapes and sizes. From year-long social studies courses, to short standalone extension courses, to collaborative events, there are many ways to experience the OER Project!

Project X

Using data as a tool, students examine the past to make predictions about the future. In the process, they hone critical thinking skills for any discipline.

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Project Score

Track students’ writing progress and focus your instruction where they need it most.

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Williamsburg Bridge at sunset with boats passing underneath
OC for SS

How are K-12 social studies teachers shifting their practices to meet new challenges?

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