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Climate Project


An Impatiently Optimistic Approach

This three-week supplemental unit is designed to fit into a high-school AP or social-studies curriculum.

Climate Project is undergoing a full renovation, with the new course launching in April 2024. The current public beta version of Climate – Extension will be archived in June 2024.

Plants growing in bubbles

We’ve thoroughly renovated the existing Climate Project – Extension, essentially building the new course from the ground up.

Click here to learn more and get a sneak peek of the updates.

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  • Articles 36
  • Videos 25
  • Activities 14
  • Opener 2

Why Teach Climate Project?

To reach net-zero emissions by 2050, we need to act now. Today’s students are the best climate-mitigation tools we have, and they want to do something.

This is a completely free, comprehensive, classroom-ready three-week course. It inspires students to raise awareness and develop and take civic action. It’s specifically designed to fit into an AP or social studies curriculum post-exams.

  • Evidence-based: Starting with evidence, students learn where emissions come from and discover ways to get to net zero.

  • Action-oriented: Students develop policies, action plans, or career aspirations to enact locally.

  • Inspiring hope: Spurring impatient optimism, this course inspires students to discover how they can help from a social and civic perspective.

  • Applying skills to make a difference: Students integrate and synthesize foundational proficiencies as they explore climate solutions and plan their actions.

  • PD and support aligned to the curriculum: On demand and live, virtual PD helps teachers get ready, get inspired, and boost their practice on their terms.