Write Like Historians

Build structured, rubric-based support into your writing instruction. Provide additional support where needed based on Score, the OER Project’s automated essay-scoring service.

Project Score

Every history teacher deserves a writing assistant that helps identify and focus on areas for student improvement. Introducing Project Score: a free curriculum specifically for history that includes writing prompts, scaffolded activities for pre- and postwriting, and tools proven to help students write better and improve their critical thinking skills. It’s a curriculum that gives teachers the detailed instruction they want.


A variety of writing prompts address enduring historical questions about our planet, life, and humanity.


Scaffolded warm-up activities help prepare students for writing by introducing them to key elements of the Score Writing Rubric and giving them ample opportunity to prepare for successful writing.


Getting students to revise their writing can be a challenge. Scaffolded revision activities, focused on the Score Writing Rubric, give students the guidance and structure they need.

A Teacher's Assistant

Project Score features Score, the free OER Project essay scoring service. This powerful tool provides consistent formative feedback, and loads of data to inform instruction and discussion.

Consistent, Instant Writing Feedback

Students can independently check their writing and receive immediate feedback to help inform their writing.

Inform Instruction

Teachers receive individual and class data to help identify who needs extra help or where a class is struggling.

Spark Discussion

Score is not a grading tool—it’s a conversation starter for you and your students and a way for you to make data-driven instructional decisions.

Ready to Use. Fully Supported.

Project Score can be taught as two-week course, or you can use the activities anywhere within the Big History Project or World History Project courses for additional writing instruction. Find comprehensive support from the OER Project team and our vibrant teacher community.

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Get started building student writing capabilities—with confidence.


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