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Designed by OER Project to support the next generation of climate optimists. Coming your way in April 2024.

It’s all OER—real OER—free to access and use on your terms, but it comes with the support of the OER Project online community, PD, and educators to make it more usable, impactful, and fun.

Inspire Impatient Optimists

Student interest in—and anxiety about—climate change is strong and growing. Climate Project (CP) is a new take on climate education grounded in the belief that students need the opportunity to discover, explore and interrogate the issue for themselves. If we avoid the fear, uncertainty, and bias that defines so much of the current climate debate we can support an entire generation of impatient optimists—with the skills, motivation, and insight to make a difference on their terms.

A Concise Narrative

Clear objectives and engaging materials support teachers and students alike.

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An Optimistic Perspective

What is climate optimism and why is it a foundational element of Climate Project?

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A Comprehensive Approach

From classroom materials, to PD, to a robust teacher community, Climate Project—like all OER Project courses—offers surround-sound support.

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