Project X: Exploring Data

Using data as a tool, students examine the past to make predictions about the future, honing critical thinking skills to use within any discipline.

Demystify Data

OER Project’s Project X offers 10 Data Explorations organized thematically around urgent world topics like global population, greenhouse gas emissions, and war and peace. A series of activities helps students make sense of the data, leading up to their final project in which students make a claim about the future supported by data and historical evidence. Project X is available as a standalone 4-week course, or within existing World History Project courses.

Data Explorations

Project X offers a series of Data Explorations crafted by the team at Our World in Data (OWID). These articles provide historical context and data charts. Students learn to accurately read, interpret, and use the charts and the data those charts represent.

Final Project

Students complete a series of scaffolded activities to help prepare for their final project—a presentation in which students make a claim about the future, and defend that claim with data and historical evidence.


Modeled on OER Project’s Three Close Reads tool, this NEW data tool guides students through the process of understanding and evaluating charts.

Ready to Use. Fully Supported.

Project X can be taught as a standalone course, or as a part of any history course, including World History Project courses. Project X includes comprehensive support from the OER Project team, and our vibrant teacher community.

WHP Progression

Project X progressions, including Data Explorations and activities, are already built into WHP courses.


Over four weeks (250 minutes of instruction per week), the Project X standalone course builds students’ critical thinking and data skills—with confidence. Join OER Project to get started!


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