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The Age of Revolutions

An age of revolutions transformed the modern world. In these lesson plans, students become revolutionary chefs and ask, How do you make a revolution?


In the late eighteenth century, several revolutions shook the world and toppled old regimes. The American Revolution was soon followed by the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution. Across Latin America, revolutionaries cast off Spanish and Portuguese rule. In these three lessons, students will learn about the ingredients for revolution as they investigate them throughout the Atlantic world and beyond. They’ll flex their causation skills as they develop their own recipes for revolution.

The Atlantic Revolutions
In this introductory lesson, students encounter the conflicts that ignited revolutionary fervor across the Atlantic world.
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Recipe for Revolution
This lesson helps students identify some of the ideological and material causes of revolt as they explore the revolutionary consequences of Enlightenment thought and economic change.
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Global Revolution
Students use what they learned in the first two lessons as they evaluate the global scale of revolutions that followed those in the Atlantic world, exploring the role of women and other groups often left out of the story.
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