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Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History #223 (12:52)

Key Ideas

As this video progresses, key ideas will be introduced to invoke discussion.

Key Ideas

Think about the following questions as you watch the video

  1. 01:44 John Green describes the life of the musician Wasif Jawhariyyeh. What claim does this evidence support?
  2. 02:06 How did Theodor Herzl’s views on Jewish people’s nation change over time? How might his context have affected his views?
  3. 03:05 What was the principal problem with the British promise of Palestine to the Zionists?
  4. 03:34 How did the British rule Palestine? What happened after the British withdrew from Palestine?
  5. 05:13 What happened in 1948? What different narratives are there about this time?
  6. 08:01 What is an intifada?
  7. 11:56 What are the two contrasting nationalist visions of Palestine and Israel, according to John Green?